The Barn - Button Pack - Set of 8

The Barn - Button Pack - Set of 8

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This Pack includes 2 Button Packs

Comic Button Pack:

(4) 1" buttons are taken from the artwork created by Royce Williams (from the band 'Rebel Flesh') that are featured in the opening title credits of The Barn.

Movie Button Pack:

(4) 1" buttons featuring screen grabs snatched directly from the movie. Each button represents one of the many one on one battles our heroes encounter with these monsters. Be the coolest "little monster" in school and show off your demonic buds in their button form- The Boogeyman, Hallowed Jack, The Candycorn Scarecrow and the very place they dwell...The Barn!

These sets looks best when pinned on our official "Barn Baddies" T-Shirt, this attire is what all the kids are talking about at the arcade and pizza shop on Saturday night!!!

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