Lieutenant Jangles and Psyborgs Combo  - (Blu-ray)

Lieutenant Jangles and Psyborgs Combo - (Blu-ray)

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It’s the mid 1980s in Brisbane, the most crime-ridden city in Australia. Only one man keeps the scales of justice even; cowboy detective Lieutenant Jangles. After his partner is killed in a blazing shootout, Jangles goes on an explosive and blood-soaked mission to avenge his death. His quest for vengeance unintentionally makes him the enemy of a mysterious new crime boss, who has been quietly taking over Brisbane City. When their paths finally cross, one thing is made clear; this town isn’t big enough for the two of them.




Special Features:
-Commentary tracks



-Making of Documentary

-VFX Breakdown

Number of Discs: 1

Subtitles: English, Español, Français, Italiano

Single Layer Blu-ray Disc (25GB)

Region Free (Factory Pressed/NOT BD-R)

Not Rated/Color/16:9 Widescreen/103 Mins




The future, 2003. The world is strangled in the grip of a madman, the twisted General Blight. Blight commands the nefarious terrorist cell T.O.X.I.N. - a militant organization hell-bent on total galactic domination. Blight and his evil T.O.X.I.N. agents will stomp on anything in their path to ensure that their evil dreams come true, but luckily for humanity, John Carbon and his squad of psychic heroes - THE PSYBORGS - are here to stomp back! It’s the showdown of the century as John Carbon, Ricky Blaze, and Deutsch infiltrate a heavily-guarded T.O.X.I.N. compound to rescue Jessie Sparkle, defeat the insidious WhirlWind, and put an end to General Blight’s evil plans once and for all. They are the Ultimate Force for the Digital Age. They are… THE PSYBORGS!


Special Features:
-6 Commentary Tracks
-Making of Featurettes
-Deleted and Extended Scenes
-Gag Reels and more!

Number of Discs: 1

Subtitles: English

Single Layer Blu-ray Disc (25GB)

Region Free (Factory Pressed/NOT BD-R)

Not Rated/Color/16:9 Widescreen/75 Mins

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