10/31 - Special Collectors Edition (Blu-ray)

10/31 - Special Collectors Edition (Blu-ray)

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Join Malvolia: The Queen of Screams as she takes you on a journey through the chilling depths of her Halloween Monster Marathon. Featuring five indie directors with unique Halloween stories including a stay at a haunted bed & breakfast in “The Old Hag” (Justin M. Seaman of ‘The Barn’), a first date gone deadly in “Trespassers” (Zane Hershberger of ‘Cryptids’), a murderous roller rink party in “Killing the Dance” (John William Holt of ‘The Dooms Chapel Horror), a freak October winter storm sends tricksters and even Santa to your door in “The Halloween Blizzard of ‘91” (Brett DeJager of ‘Bonejangles’), and an escaped madman continues his seasonal killing spree in “The Samhain Slasher” (Rocky Gray’s directorial debut).
Original "Machete Ghost" artwork by Travis Smith and reversible artwork by Nathan Thomas Milliner.
Optional Upgrade to Limited Edition "EC COMICS TRIBUTE" Sleeve by Nathan Thomas Milliner (Only 500 Available)
Signatures for SIGNED copies will include: Rocky Gray with available segment directors and actors.

Number of Discs: 1

Special Features:

- Directors Commentary
The Making of "The Old Hag"
The Making of "Trespassers"
Making "The Samhain Slasher"
Johnny Holt- Director Interview
"Killing the Dance" Cast INterviews
Brett DeJager- Director Interview
"The Samhain Slasher" VFX Reel
"Devilution" Short film seen in "Trespassers"

Feature Film/Approx 90 min
Region Free
Factory Pressed/Replicated Blu-ray(Not BD-R)
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