Scream Team Releasing is actively seeking completed feature length horror films produced by up and coming indie filmmakers to distribute on PHYSICAL and DIGITAL!!! That's right, we are keeping old school formats (VHS, DVD & Blu-ray) ALIVE!

Our mission is to help indie filmmakers get their films out to the public while breaking the stigma associated with distribution companies screwing over the artist. Not every filmmaker is a business person or capable of running the day to day operations associated with self distributing...and that's totally fine! By selling directly to the customer we are able to get the most out of our sales. We thrive to help you not only get exposure but actually help you make money from your product.

For consideration please fill out the form below and join the Scream Team family. Make sure to include any links to trailers, reviews, online articles and a screener with password if available. We will contact you as soon as possible to let you know the status of your submission.

Some Guidelines If Your Film Is Selected:
• Films must be at a minimum 70 minutes in length. 

• Must be Horror, Horror Comedy, Retro, Sci Fi or Dark Drama

• Music and Effects (M&E) tracks must be available.

• You must have all releases, documents and copyrights attached to your film available for review.

• An uncompressed HD digital master of your film PLUS bonus content must be mailed to us on a hard drive or via Dropbox, Google Drive, WeTransfer. 

• Must have rights to both Physical and Digital to your film.


Here are some of the companies we have worked with distributing our titles -             


"It was never in question where I would distribute the 10/31 films. When Justin decided to start a distribution company I was the first on board, and why not, he is a fan and a filmmaker himself and knows what it takes to get these movies in front of other horror fans. Scream Team Releasing and Grayhouse Entertainment have been great for one another and it is a relationship that grows stronger with each release. The manufacturing is of the highest quality, the promotions are great and the checks are on time. If you’re looking for a company that will do your film justice look no further than Scream Team Releasing."

- Rocky Gray, Producer/Composer of '10/31' and '10/31 Part 2'


"After an awful experience with our last distributor, we were cautious of any sales agent or distributor looking to get their hands on our new film Straight Edge Kegger. We would put them all through the ringer and none of them were able to answer our questions or concerns adequately until we talked to Justin. It was quickly apparent that he had the same fears about vultures in the industry and set out to change things with Scream Team Releasing. Not only have we been happy with Justin's transparency, his attention to detail and his work ethic but we wouldn't have wound up on Shudder and Comcast VOD. The Straight Edge Kegger team is ecstatic that we found a distributor we know has our best interests in mind."

Jason Zink, Director of 'Straight Edge Kegger'


 "After speaking with several distributors throughout the course of our festival run, none of them ever gave me that warm, fuzzy feeling most first-time filmmakers yearn for. It wasn’t until I connected with Scream Team, however, that I finally felt like I found a home for my film. Not only was Justin a fan of “Close Calls” - he also knew how to market the movie to other niche fans. Justin is a business man, no doubt, but I believe he’s a horror lover, first and foremost. He won’t bore you with the usual jargon or bog you down with burdensome paperwork. He wants to talk about where to take your movie and how far you want to take it. As a filmmaker himself, he understands the artist’s need for transparency and payment. Whether it’s to talk about movies, the state of the movie industry, or just to talk about the numbers -Justin always keeps the doors open to discussion and shoots you straight. I couldn’t be happier with my deal with Scream Team and how they handled the release of “Close Calls.”  For any up and coming genre filmmakers reading this - Scream Team Releasing is home for some of the wildest, most original indie horror flicks out there now."

- Richard Stringham, Writer/ Producer/ Director of 'Close Calls'



 "Distribution can be a difficult landscape to navigate, especially finding a company that cares about your project as much as you. Scream Team Releasing is that company! Scream Team has two of our films and we could not have found a more fitting home. Scream Team works hard to promote and push your films. More so than any other company I've dealt with. They're fair, they communicate well and are consistently looking for new avenues to present your movie."

PJ Starks, Creator of 'Volumes of Blood' and Co-Creator of '13 Slays till X-mas'



"I knew immediately after talking with Justin that I wanted him to represent my film. Justin’s love for my film and horror in general was so transparent. On top of that he is a fantastic marketer and business man. My film, The Sleeper, had already had a release years back and Scream Team was able to breathe new life into it. He is thorough with his reports and sales, keeping the filmmaker in the know. I couldn’t be more pleased with my relationship with Justin and ScreamTeam and the continued enthusiasm and care he gives my film."

- Justin Russell, Director of 'The Sleeper'


"Because of the many horror stories I had heard about distribution from other filmmakers, I was very hesitant to give up the rights to my anthology series The Witching Season. My concerns were quickly put to rest when I met Justin. Justin sold me on his transparency and honesty right out of the gate. Not once during this process did I ever feel confused, misguided, or that I was being taken advantage of in any way. Justin was always willing to answer any question I had and went above and beyond to help me feel comfortable with my first distribution deal. I can honestly say that working with Scream Team remains to be one of the best decisions I have ever made for this project. Justin was and continues to be helpful, not only in respect to his work as a distributor but as a friend and colleague."

- Michael Ballif, Co-Director of 'The Witching Season'


 "Distributing I’m Dreaming of a White Doomsday through Scream Team has been one of the best decisions we’ve made for the film yet. The biggest thing I love about Scream Team is that it’s a company run by indie filmmakers for indie filmmakers. Justin understands the limitations and challenges of making and releasing an indie horror flick and that makes a huge difference in how he approaches things. He worked out terms with us that not only ensured we wouldn’t lose our film’s rights forever and watch it sit on a shelf in limbo for years, but also actually made money on it. Scream Team has a large and very loyal fan base of return customers that is increasing exponentially with every release and the final product is spectacular looking. They worked with us intimately to ensure our artwork, design layout, and extras were exactly what we wanted, I couldn’t be happier with the release. Scream Team is the Arrow of the indie world. They advertised for us in places like Scream magazine, conventions, film festivals, and social media. They were able to get us on Amazon, and also sold to a variety of blu ray collector boutique sites as well. Perhaps most importantly, all of the production and advertising costs were discussed in detail up front and the accounting is 100% transparent. Sales statements arrive like clockwork and nothing is left vague. Choosing to go with Scream Team is an excellent way to ensure your film will get seen by indie horror fans. Basically, everything Scream Team has done for us so far is the opposite of what every other potential distributor was offering, and we are super proud to be a part of The Class of 2018!"

- Mike Lombardo, Director of 'I'm Dreaming Of A White Doomsday'



"Working with Justin and Scream Team Releasing has been a dream come true. The time, creativity and care that Scream Team puts into the artwork, marketing and promotion of their films is incredible. Most filmmakers I know still have hopes of getting their films released onto physical media. Scream Team Releasing has expertly performed in that space for years. As a result, they have built a large and loyal fan base that is constantly craving new horror and thriller content. In addition to having an online and horror convention presence, Scream Team has expanded their reach even further by partnering with MVD Entertainment. This has allowed  Scream Team to get their titles onto all the major retailers’ websites (Walmart, Best Buy, FYE, etc.), as well as into brick and mortar stores around the United States. And Scream Team is by far the most filmmaker-friendly distributor I’ve ever dealt with. Statements are sent on time, contracts are on the level and Justin is always willing to work with filmmakers to craft the best deal for their films. If you have an independent horror, sci-if or thriller film in need of distribution, I can’t recommend Scream Team Releasing enough!" 

- Dave Palamaro, Director of 'Murder Made Easy'