Upcoming Events

Appearances 2018

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March 3 - 3:00pm10/31 at New Jersey Horror Con - Edison, NJ with cast and crew in attendance! (PREMIERE)

Screenings 2018

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March 3 - 3:00pm10/31 at New Jersey Horror Con - Edison, NJ with cast and crew in attendance! (PREMIERE)


Past Events - 2018

February 9 - 7:00pm10/31 at Pittsburgh Premiere at the Hollywood- Dormont, PA with cast and crew in attendance! (PREMIERE)


Past Events - 2017

October 2: The Barn at Screenland Armour - Kansas City, MO

Slaughter Movie House is starting their Halloween Kickoff Party with a screening of The Barn on Monday, October 2 at Screenland Armour with Feeding Time, Born Again, Jason, and Night In! They will have 5 limited edition Slaughter Posters for the Best Costumes + more prizes! Join them here: https://www.facebook.com/events/586021731568574/

October 13 The Barn at Miss Jaye's Friday Night Frights - Grand Forks, ND
October 13 The Barn at Monthly Movie Night - Hamtramck, MI
October 14 : The Barn at Creepy Crypt - Berlin, Germany 
November 2 The Barn at Philly Loves Fear - Philadelphia, PASeptember 25: The Barn at B-Retina Film Festival - Spain (PREMIERE)
September 22 - 10:00pm: The Barn at New Jersey Horror Con - Edison, NJ
September 9 - The Barn at Indie Horror Showcase - Dayton, OH
August 4-6: The Barn at Flashback Weekend - Rosemont, IL (CONVENTION)
June 30 - July 1: The Barn at Days of the Dead - Indianapolis, IN (CONVENTION)
June 21 - 7:30pm: The Barn at Grìma Gást - Wigan, UK (PREMIERE)
June 17: The Barn at Sleep Hollow Scarefest - Bridgeport, WV (PREMIERE)
June 10: The Barn at Summer Scares! - Chicago, IL (CONVENTION)
April 22: The Barn at Indie Horror Film Festival - Peoria, IL (PREMIERE)
April 19: The Barn at Indie Events - Sioux Falls, SD (PREMIERE)
March 25: The Barn at Mad Monster Party - Rock Hill, SC (SCREENING)
March 25: The Barn at World Wide Weird - London (PREMIERE)
March 17-19: The Barn at HorrorHound - Cincinnati, OH (CONVENTION)
March 10-12: The Barn at Monster Mania - Cherry Hill, NJ (CONVENTION)
March 3-5: The Barn at Horror Realm, Pittsburgh, PA (CONVENTION)
Feb 24: The Barn at Horror Society Presents - Chicago, IL (SCREENING)
Feb 24: The Barn at Nevermore Film Festival - Durham, NC (SCREENING)
Jan 28: The Barn at Horror on the Sea Film Festival - Essex, UK (SCREENING)
Jan 28: The Barn at Panic Fest - Kansas City, MO (PREMIERE)


Past Events - 2016

Dec 4: The Barn at Spooky Empire Film Festival - Orlando, FL (PREMIERE)
Nov 27: The Barn at Grindhouse Planet - Leicester, UK (PREMIERE)
Nov 26: The Barn at Fright Night Film Fest - Louisville, KY (SCREENING)
Nov 18: The Barn at Days of the Dead - Chicago, IL (SCREENING)
Nov 12: The Barn at New York City Horror Film Festival - Chelsea, NY (PREMIERE)
Nov 11: The Barn at Razor Reel Flander's Film Festival - Bruges, Belgium (PREMIERE)
Oct 30: The Barn at Eerie Horror Fest - Eerie, PA (PREMIERE )
Oct 29: The Barn at Requiem  Horror Fear Fest - Montreal, CANADA (SCREENING)
Oct 29: The Barn at The Halloween Horror Picture Show - Tampa, FL (PREMIERE)
Oct 28: The Barn at Halloween International Film Fest- Kill Devil Hills, NC (SCREENING)
Oct 27: The Barn at Fantastically Horrifying Cinema - Little Rock, AR (PREMIERE)
Oct 22: The Barn at Nightmares Film Festival - Columbus, OH (PREMIERE)
Oct 15: The Barn at Stuff Film Festival - Mexico City (PREMIERE)
Oct 15: The Barn at Scream in the Dark Film Fest - Omaha, NE (PREMIERE)
Oct 15: The Barn at Tuscon Terror Fest - Tuscon, AZ (PREMIERE)
Oct 15: The Barn at Idaho Horror Film Festival - Boise, ID (PREMIERE)
Oct 14: The Barn at HorrorQuest Film Festival - Atlanta, GA (PREMIERE)
Oct 1: The Barn at Halloweenapalooza Film Festival - Ottumwa, IA (PREMIERE)
Oct 1: The Barn at Scarefest Film Festival - Lexington, KY (PREMIERE)
Sept 30: The Barn at Scare-A-Con - NY (SCREENING)
Sept 25: The Barn at Hot Springs Horror Film Festival - Hot Springs, AR (PREMIERE)
Sept 23: The Barn at NOLA Horror Film Festival - New Orleans, LA (PREMIERE)
Sept 17: The Barn at Motor City Nightmares - Detroit, MI (PREMIERE)
Sept 17: The Barn at Indie Horror Drive-In Film Festival - Pittsburgh, PA (ENCORE)
Sept 16: The Barn at Indie Horror Drive-In Film Festival - Pittsburgh, PA (SCREENING)
Sept 10: The Barn at Dancing Spider Film Festival - Luverne, MN (PREMIERE)
Sept 3: The Barn at Days of the Dead - Louisville, KY (SCREENING)
Aug 16: The Barn at Popcorn Frights - Miami, FL (PREMIERE)
Aug 5: The Barn at Lost Episodes Film Fest Toronto - Toronto, CANADA (PREMIERE)
July 30: The Barn at Midsummer Scream - Long Beach, CA (PREMIERE)
July 27: The Barn at Indie SINsations - Shelbyville, IN (PREMIERE)
July 24: The Barn at Scares that Care - Williamsburg, VA (ENCORE)
July 23: The Barn at Scares that Care - Williamsburg, VA (PREMIERE)
July 7: The Barn at Garth Manor Cinema presents - South Lamar, TX (PREMIERE)
June 10: The Barn at International Horror Hotel - Hudson, OH (PREMIERE)
May 15: The Barn at Crimson Screen Horror Film Festival - N. Charleston, SC (PREMIERE)
March 12: The Barn at Fright Night Theatre - Hamilton, CANADA (PREMIERE)


Past Events - 2015

Oct 30-31: The Barn at World Premiere - Pittsburgh, PA (WORLD PREMIERE)