The Barn - Video Game - NES (PC ONLY)

The Barn - Video Game - NES (PC ONLY)

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 The Barn: The Video Game (PC ONLY)
Plug N' Play on a Retro NES Cartridge via USB. Limited Edition (Only 25 Total)- Numbered and Signed by Rocky Gray (Composer and Grammy Winning Drummer from rock group Evanescence).

Sam, Josh, Michelle, Russell, Chris and Nikki are spending their Halloween night traveling back home from seeing the rock band Demon Inferno. Suddenly their van runs out of gas in the middle of nowhere.

Looking for help, the group stumbles upon an old abandoned barn. Knocking on the door unleashes the unforeseen evil inside. Once the smoke clears, most of the teens have vanished
without a trace...except for Sam!

YOU must now help restore the group by searching for them throughout the town of Wheary Falls and defeating the creatures of the night. Hopefully you can make it back home...ALIVE!!!

Battle waves of the undead, including movie star baddies: The Boogeyman, Hallowed Jack & Candycorn Scarecrow!

It’s a bodacious heart pounding 8 bit adventure. Plus this is the one time your parents can’t ground you for raising a little HELL!!!

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