Please Support Indie Horror

All of us at Nevermore Production and Silver Spring Films know it is important to continue to support our fellow indie filmmakers. Below is a list of films that were made by people we have met during the festival and convention circuit or they have supported us along the way. If you love indie films than we highly recommend you look into these films. It's because of people like you that we are all able to continue making movies!

Space Babes from Outer Space - Bandit Motion Pictures Webstore  or Amazon

Found - Bandit Motion Pictures Webstore  

Plankface Bandit Motion Pictures Webstore  


Time to Kill Bandit Motion Pictures Webstore  

Good Tidings

The Unquenchable Thirst For Beau Nerjoose - BUY

Volumes of Blood

Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories

WNUF Halloween Special


Family Possessions

Crinoline Head


Bonehill Road

She Was So Pretty

Pool Party Massacre

Night Of Something Strange



Frankenstein Created Bikers

Circus Of The Dead

Easter Sunday

Pieces Of Talent

Don't Fuck In The Woods

The Wicked One

Winners Tape All - BUY