10/31 Part III - (Blu-ray)

10/31 Part III - (Blu-ray)

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Welcome to another edition of the Halloween Monster Marathon with your host Malvolia: The Queen of Screams. This year brings you four more creepy tales of mummies, madmen and fun size demons. Michael Ballif (The Witching Season) unravels horror in the “House of the Mummy”, Jacob Perrett (Spine Chiller) discovers evil waiting in a couples’ new home in the “Lock Smith”, Brad Twigg (Killer Campout) shows you why you should leave your creepy neighbor alone in “Old Man Gross” and Zane Hershberger (Force To Fear) plays with demonic objects in “Hack-In-The-Box”, with music by Rocky Gray (The Barn, Wicked Ones). Featuring faux movie trailers - ”The Slaughter” (Shawn Burkett), “Night of the Halloweenies” (Jonathan Patrick Hughes), “Radio Tower Road” (Jed Brian), “Candy Killer” (Dustin Ferguson), and “A Strangers Treat” (Rocky Gray).
Including reversible sleeve artwork!!!
Optional Upgrade to Limited Edition "EC COMICS TRIBUTE VOL 3" Slip Cover by Nathan Thomas Milliner (Only 500 Available)
 Ultimate Upgrade to Signed Blu-ray (Only 100 available) by directors Rocky Gray, Michael Ballif, Zane Hershberber, Jacob Perrett and Brad Twigg with bonus signatures from actresses Sable Griedel and Marissa Sabatucci + Limited Edition "EC COMICS TRIBUTE VOL 3" Slip Cover by Nathan Thomas Milliner and receive a FREE SIGNED 11x17 POSTER (reserved for the 50 signed orders)!!!

Number of Discs: 1

Bonus Content: Bloopers

Feature Film/Approx 79 min
Region Free
Factory Pressed/Replicated Blu-ray(Not BD-R)
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